Chris Christie Considering Presidential Run To Challenge Trump

Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey, said he will decide in the next 60 days whether to run for president in 2024. He mentioned that a trip to New Hampshire, which is one of the first states in the presidential primary process, could play a role in his decision-making.

Christie told Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade last week, “I’m definitely thinking about running, probably make a decision in the next 60 days on what to do or not to do. You know me, when I make a decision, I’ll let everybody know.”

Christie, who served two terms as a Republican governor in a traditionally blue state, appeared at an event in New Hampshire on Monday.

The former New Jersey governor has been very critical of former President Trump, often rebuking him when he appears as a panelist on ABC’s “This Week.”

The former New Jersey governor told Brian Kilmeade, “Someone who is seriously considering running for president should go out there and talk to people and see what reaction you get.”

In 2016, Christie ran for president but later dropped out and endorsed Trump. He also helped Trump’s campaigns in 2016 and 2020 and served as an adviser in the Trump administration.

Christie has recently stated that he does not believe Trump could win against President Biden in a potential rematch in the 2024 general election, suggesting that there may be a need for a different Republican candidate in the upcoming cycle.

If Christie runs, he would join a formidable group of Republican candidates. Former President Trump and Nikki Haley have already announced their candidacies, and it’s expected that Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence may join the fray as well.

Recent polls have shown DeSantis as a clear winner if he runs against Biden. But Trump is still ahead in primary polls.

Christie said that he will decide whether or not to run for president in 2024 based on whether he thinks he has a chance to win the primary. He also mentioned that he believes he has something valuable to offer the country and has the support of his family.