Democrats Reject Bill To Stop Biden From Flying Illegal Aliens Into US

A bill designed to prevent the Biden administration from flying illegal immigrants from their countries into the United States has been rejected by every Democrat in the Senate.

On March 22, the measure to protect taxpayers from funding charter flights carrying over 32,000 illegal immigrants to various cities across the nation was rejected by a vote of 51 to 47. Every Senate Democrat voted against the amendment while no Republicans did.

The vote precedes the highly anticipated 2024 presidential election, in which likely candidates President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump hold polar opposite views on immigration, one of the top issues for American voters. During the Biden administration alone, a minimum of 7.2 million migrants have illegally entered the United States.

More specifically, a Center for Immigration Studies report uncovered that “secret flights” have been chartered to bring illegals from Latin America into the United States. Over 350,000 people have been flown into the nation under this program, which is intended to grant “humanitarian parole” to those ineligible to lawfully enter America.

In 2023 alone, the report found, around 320,000 illegal immigrants were transported to 43 separate airports in the United States.

The unanimous rejection of the bill to stop Biden’s actions was sharply criticized by Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN), the sponsor of the amendment, who called the vote “indefensible” on X.

During remarks made in the Senate after the vote, Hagerty said that the “open border” policies endorsed by the Biden administration threaten the integrity and results of the Electoral College.

He also emphasized that this risk is especially high in states where there are “more illegal aliens and non-citizens,” such as California and New York. He then linked Democrat lawmakers to the push to have more non-citizens vote in elections as a reason for every member of that party rejecting his amendment.

Hagerty accused the left of “weaponizing the census” and Democrats of taking desperate actions to “backfill their declining populations” by supporting the practice of using taxpayer dollars to fly illegal aliens into blue states.