Laura Ingraham Exposes Left’s ‘Due Process’ Hypocrisy Regarding Trump

Former President Donald Trump’s many critics in the realms of mainstream media and political punditry were visibly dismayed this week when a judge agreed to reduce the staggering $454 million bond amount he had been ordered to pay as part of a New York civil fraud trial to a much lower amount of $175 million.

During the monologue of “The Ingraham Angle” on Monday, Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham examined the Democratic response to the development within the context of an overarching desire to use any means necessary to target the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“Try and hope as they might, the legal forces in New York, Georgia and D.C. are finding it harder and harder to accomplish their mission, which is to put Trump behind bars and/or bankrupt him before the election,” she asserted.

In light of the appeals court decision to reduce Trump’s bond amount, Ingraham noted that New York Attorney General Letitia James saw her opportunity to seize the former president’s assets go up in smoke.

“Now, the left’s longtime fantasy was to see New York AG Letitia James personally slap padlocks on the front doors of Trump’s prized real estate,” she said. “Now, there was palpable disappointment. I could hear it on the other cable nets.”

Ingraham concluded that Trump received nothing more than due process under the law, claiming that the decision exposed a fundamental hypocrisy that has impacted much of the left in the Trump era.

“Now, these people would attend candlelight vigils to protect the due process rights of illegals before deportation,” she maintained. “But they’re outraged that the system gives Trump any rights at all.”

Ingraham cited a number of anti-Trump sources, including former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, who claimed that Trump received “special treatment with his own private system of justice.”

Describing “the never-Trumpers” as “deluded,” she mocked the idea that the appeals court in New York of all places was predisposed to do Trump’s bidding.

“The only people getting special treatment in New York are the thugs terrorizing people on the streets and getting away with it,” she concluded.