Mexican Cartels Reportedly Getting Stronger As US Border Weakens

Even as the Biden administration’s open-border policies pave the way for violent Mexican cartels to smuggle humans, drugs and weapons into the country, these criminal organizations are reportedly becoming more organized and dangerous.

Former U.S. Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) explained how the cartels are capitalizing on the power they wield south of the border to become a bigger threat to the American people than ever before.

“They’re the most powerful organization in Mexico,” she said in a recent statement. “They’re better funded than our own Border Patrol agents.”

As a result of that support, Flores noted that cartels have been able to pull off huge border breaches including a daylong influx of thousands of migrants into the small town of Eagle Pass, Texas, last week.

Retired Border Patrol Chief Thaddeus Cleveland offered his insight into the issue, noting that cartel leaders are “using military tactics” to achieve their criminal objectives.

“Border Patrol [are] overwhelmed by the staggering amount of people who continue to come over, but that goes to show you that the Mexican cartels control the border,” he added.

While border authorities on the U.S. side do their best to cover as much ground as possible, Cleveland said the cartels are able to monitor and track these enforcement strategies in order to take advantage of any weaknesses therein.

“They dictate our operational response,” he explained. “They know that we’re still the greatest country in the world and will ensure [migrants’] rights. The cartels are clearly dictating on a daily basis how Border Patrol operates.”

Aside from trafficking migrants across the border, cartels are increasingly reliant on drug-related revenue to fund their operations. Reports indicate these criminal organizations rake in billions of dollars per year by selling narcotics that fuel America’s overdose epidemic.

Experts say cartels also use bribes and threats to eliminate legitimate businesses that might stand in their way.

As Cleveland concluded, the cartels are “taking over” Mexico, adding that there is “no longer going to be a government at some point.”

Meanwhile, Flores noted that a feckless Biden administration is essentially ignoring the situation — including reports of a violent cartel attack of a Border Patrol agent in Texas.

“What I’m upset about is the Biden Administration says nothing,” she said. “No acknowledgment, doesn’t come out and say, ‘We will not allow this. We will hold accountable anyone that attacks our Border Patrol agents.’”