Pressley Shocks CNN With Claim That Biden’s Border Is ‘Secure’

It is said that when one lies, they should lie big and stick to their guns. This is a mantra that Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) apparently followed in a Wednesday interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

The left-wing anchor was stunned to hear the radical “Squad” member openly and repeatedly declare that the nation’s southern border is “secure.” “No doubt about it,” she brazenly claimed. “Our border is secure.”

This obviously indefensible claim was too much even for CNN.

Pressley continuously tried to steer the interview towards her belief that the current invasion of the U.S. is merely a “humanitarian crisis.” She parroted the Democratic rhetoric that the immigration system is “broken.”

Tapper quite clearly was not certain he heard her correctly the first time and graciously gave the congresswoman an opportunity to clarify. “You think it is secure? You think the border is secure? Or is it not secure?”

Pressley deviated again to her talking point, but Tapper persisted. “I don’t disagree with this being a humanitarian crisis at all, but just to get some clarity on this…do you think that the border is secure? Is that what you said?”

She then left no room for doubt. “Yes, the border is secure.”

The incredulous Tapper asked how the border could possibly be considered secure when there are “millions of undocumented immigrants coming into the country?”

Tapper further acknowledged the truth that an open border provides millions of illegal migrants the motivation to engage with smugglers. This results in what he called “the incredibly dangerous journey to cross illegally” instead of through lawful means.

The CNN host even called Pressley’s clear falsehood “a refusal to acknowledge reality.” Quite an achievement for the liberal network.

She dodged again by saying the flood of illegal migrants is not a “new crisis.” This completely ignored the fact that under former President Donald Trump, the southern border was far more under control than its current state of lawlessness.

Pressley did not miss the opportunity to pat herself on the back. She said she represents one of the “most diverse constituencies” in the U.S.

She also lauded her work as the chair of the House Haiti caucus and said she represents “the third-largest Haitian diaspora.”