Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Criticizes Biden Administration On Immigration

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently issued a scathing rebuke of the Biden Administration for its inaction in solving the immigration crisis at the southern border.

Kennedy recently wrote an op-ed for Newsweek, where he tore into the Biden administration’s border policies.

It appears that Kennedy, unlike today’s Democrats, has some common sense on the issue of immigration.

“Clearly, the migrant crisis resulting from the Biden administration’s refusal to secure our southern border has created impossible burdens for municipalities across the country. The idea of sanctuary cities was to protect immigrants from ICE raids. But no city can manage endless floods of migrants pouring through an open border,” Kennedy began.

The Democratic presidential candidate cited a report from the New York Post stating that over 150,000 illegal migrants received notices to appear before immigration judges in July 2023.

This is “more than three times the number the Biden administration admits to under its ‘special parole program’ for asylum seekers (a program Congress never authorized in the first place),” Kennedy wrote.

“I’m actually in favor of immigration—legal immigration. High fences, wide gates. Politicians in the past have appealed to xenophobia and bigotry in calling for a tough border policy. My call for a tough border comes from a different place. It comes from compassion and humanitarian conscience,” Kennedy added.

“As president, I will secure the border to get the cartels out of the human trafficking business. Second, I will work with other countries to stem the tide of migrants,” Kennedy continued.

“Finally, I will build wide doors for those who wish to enter legally, so that the U.S. can remain a beacon of freedom and diversity. This includes funding the administrative infrastructure for lawful, orderly immigration to this country,” he concluded.

Kennedy’s comments make him sound like a Republican who sincerely wants to secure the southern border. The Democratic presidential candidate has indicated he may instead run for president as a member of the Libertarian Party, according to the New York Times.

“In July, Mr. Kennedy met privately with Angela McArdle, the chair of the Libertarian Party, at a conference they were both attending in Memphis — a meeting that has not previously been reported,” the New York Times wrote.