The High Cost Of Dating Taylor Swift

A recent report in the Daily Mail revealed that Travis Kelce, the Kansas Chiefs’ tight end, has spent approximately 120% of the income he earned during his six-month romance with the Grammy Award-winning singer Taylor Smith.

According to the New York Post, Travis, 34, has spent more than $8 million while courting Swift. Expenditures include lavish gifts, dining at upscale restaurants and lodging at extravagant hotels.

The outlet reported the one-night stay at the Crown Presidential Villa in Sydney was likely $16,300 a night.

The outlet also noted that Travis spent more than $1.2 million chartering private jets so he could join Swift on her 2023 music tour in South America and Australia.

According to a report by travel expert Michael Giordan in Page Six, one quick trip to Argentina reportedly cost $300,000, and brief trips to Sydney and Singapore reportedly cost $880,000 in airfare alone.

TALKTV profiled Travis’ expenditures in a recent expose.

Travis also covered the cost of a private luxury box suite to watch the Super Bowl — the price tag was approximately $1,000,000. Swift watched the game with friends Travis’ family and friends Ice Spice, Blake Lively, and Lana Del Rey.

On its current financial trajectory, Travis’ $57 million 4-year contract salary will carry him another 14 months while wooing Swift, whose reported net worth is $1.1 billion.

According to the Post, Travis spent approximately $22,000 on Valentine’s Day gifts, including a $3000 24-karate gold sculpture and two $2199 boxes of “eternity” roses.

A source told The Sun, “Travis knows what she likes and is always wanting to send her lots of nice flowers. [Now], Taylor can have the little rose sculpture with her all the time.”

The Daily Mail noted that other to Swift include a $1,050 black lambskin Dior beret, a $1,100 Celine hat, a $5,100 Bottega Veneta purse, a $1,300 Hermès Chevaux Dechaines shawl and custom matching bracelets with diamond-encrusted gold letters, TNT, referencing Taylor ‘n’ Travis.

The bracelets were reportedly made by Jeweler Wove Made Inc. and valued at $6360 each.

The Telegraph reported that relationship expert Christine Bacon said that the urge to give lavish gifts is likely Travis’ “love language” and “will likely pass.”

Bacon added: “Both the giver and the recipient should understand that it has a lifespan and it will come down to something more normal, and they also need to understand when it does stop, they should not feel that the person’s love has stopped as well.”