Analysis: China Seeking Justification To Invade Taiwan

With the struggle between China and Taiwan not cooling in recent months, data points to a strategy by Beijing to wait for an opportunity to launch an attack on its smaller neighbor.

The assessment was shared by policy expert Gordon Chang, who argues that Beijing was looking for the appropriate excuse to launch a military invasion.

Chang told Newsmax that the “dangerous intercepts” off the coast of Taiwan could cause a major war. “China wants to cause an accident,” he said. “They want to kill. They know better, but they really want to go to war.”

Chang cited a number of aggressive actions recently, including the Chinese spy balloon that transited the United States. He said that China “thinks the U.S. is no longer a factor.”

The expert said that this realization will “encourage them to do something really, really destructive.”

China has taken more aggressive moves against Taiwan of late. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen visited the United States late last month, meeting with dignitaries including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). China had previously threatened consequences for such a visit.

China responded to the visit with a number of large military exercises off the coast of Taiwan.

The Joint Sword exercises took place over three days and included several major items, including crossing the midpoint in the sea between China and Taiwan.

Chinese craft ringed Taiwan and simulated potential strikes on the island. China also announced a plan to restrict flight paths around the island.

China has also stated that it was prepared for further action. One Chinese official was quoted by the Associated Press as saying that his country’s actions were intended to “defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The People’s Republic has also steadily increased its military spending. It announced last month a 7.2% increase in its defense budget, an increase over the previous year. It announced a new type of stealth bomber last year.

In recent years, Beijing launched an aircraft carrier, which it then used for unprecedented drills off of Taiwan this month.