LGBT Groups Angry They Can’t Fly Pride Flags In St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In yet another example of the LGBT mob trying to make everything about them, pride groups have demanded to be allowed to march in a Staten Island St. Patrick’s Day Parade under LGBT banners — but the parade organizers have refused to acquiesce to their demands.

Despite having a significant number of events, businesses, major corporations, politicians, and media entities that are dedicated to pushing the LGBT agenda — LGBT activists in New York City are angry that one single event will not cater to them.

The Blaze reports: “LGBT individuals who wish to celebrate their identity have, at this juncture, dozens (if not hundreds) of events every year in New York City designed for that purpose.”

Meanwhile, the Staten Island parade is supposed to be about St. Patrick’s Day, not LGBT pride.

Carol Bullock, who serves as executive director of the Pride Center of Staten Island, has claimed that her group tried to submit an application to march in the parade — but the situation turned confrontational. A photographer from a local publication reportedly tried to photograph the group while they were submitting their application, but Bullock claims that the event’s organizer Larry Cummins physically pushed the photographer aside.

“Once again, we were denied an opportunity to march in the parade. Let me be very clear: this is discriminatory and vile,” Bullock claimed.

Several pro-LGBT individuals and businesses decided to boycott the parade in protest, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). Instead, members of the Pride Center of Staten Island held their own march on Forest, joined by Adams and other New York City political leaders.

While these LGBT activists have claimed that the parade organizers were “discriminating” against LGBT people, there has been no evidence to support those claims. In a statement responding to the controversy, Catholic League President Bill Donohue explained the reality of the situation — noting that this event has nothing to do with LGBT people.

“The parade celebrates St. Patrick, not sexual orientation,” Donohue said.

Roughly two million people each year attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC, where several parades are held at once throughout the massive city.