Raphael Warnock Has Some Explaining To Do

In Georgia, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is running for another term in Congress. Many issues exist with Warnock’s campaign, whether it is his claims of being a “pro-choice pastor” or his disturbing support for opening up jails and ending cash bail.

Running against Warnock is Republican challenger Herschel Walker. Polls show Walker in the lead, which gives hope to many in the conservative movement. Walker defeating Warnock could very well play a vital role in the GOP taking back the Senate next week.

As Warnock’s campaign continues to be marred by various scandals, problems with apartments owned by his church have now been revealed.

Dangerous Living Conditions on Warnock’s Watch
Details from the Atlanta Fire Department, the Atlanta Police Department, and even court documents show the horrific living conditions of Warnock’s apartments.

One tenant living in one of these apartments was killed by a maintenance worker. Another dead body was later found rotting and infested with flies. During 2020 alone, first responders in Atlanta were called on hundreds of occasions to deal with problems in Warnocks’ apartments.

This is a major problem for the senator and the optics are not good. A huge part of the Georgia Democrat’s campaigning efforts centers around housing access. Yet, the apartments owned by his own church are not properly vetting tenants or ensuring that living conditions are reasonable.

Defenders of Warnock claim that his apartments are designed to help low-income individuals. Though, if anything, the crime happening in these apartments, along with the haphazard living conditions, are posing serious dangers to anyone in the area.

Radio Silence From Warnock
At this time, the Georgia Democrat has yet to provide the public with a serious explanation as to what is going on here. However, Warnock is using his Twitter account to lash out against Walker and spread various lies.

At the end of the day, Warnock does not want to draw more attention to his own hypocrisy or the astounding ways in which he failed the people of Georgia.

Nevertheless, Atlanta’s first responders provided harrowing stories of carjackings, sex offenders, and illegal trespassers all surrounding the apartments that Warnock says are helping low-income folks.

If the Georgia Democrat truly cared about people with fixed incomes, the least he would do is ensure the apartments his church owns are in decent condition. This latest scandal is all the more reason why Congress cannot afford six more years of Warnock in the Senate.