Ron DeSantis Officially A Presidential Candidate

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis made it official on Wednesday when he announced his candidacy for President of the United States on a Twitter post.

The announcement encountered technical glitches as he was set to make the declaration in a Twitter Spaces conversation with billionaire CEO Elon Musk. The move ended months of speculation over his plans for 2024.

It also followed by hours DeSantis filing paperwork with the Federal Election Commission.

The Twitter posting was originally scheduled to coincide with a spoken announcement on Twitter Spaces, but the live conversation cut in and out numerous times. It forced technicians to scramble and begin a new one.

When audio was restored, DeSantis laid out his motivations for seeking the Republican nomination and ultimately the presidency.

He recalled the sweeping restrictions and lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic and said he never thought he would see such actions in the U.S. DeSantis said the nation’s founders knew how fragile liberty is and that “each generation would have a responsibility to safeguard freedom.”

The Florida governor laid out the immense challenges faced by the next president. He cited the border mess, soaring crime, and federal government actions that drive inflation higher and make it tough on working families.

He added that while all of the challenges are unmet, “the president flounders.”

DeSantis told the audience that “decline is a choice” and “success is attainable.” He recounted his track record as Florida governor and how the state weathered the multiple adversities of the past few years better than most.

Specifically, the now-candidate said the Sunshine State “chose facts over fear, education over indoctrination, law and order over rioting and disorder.” DeSantis said the state “held the line” when the nation’s freedoms were under attack.

Making his intentions official means the Republican may directly seek contributions to his campaign from major donors. Despite just getting started, he has accumulated a war chest of $110 million in cash as of the start of spring.

Much of this was built during last year’s successful reelection campaign for Florida governor.

DeSantis has consistently placed second among Republican nomination contenders despite not being an official candidate. However, he trails former President Donald Trump by double digits in most surveys and has lost ground since earlier this year.